DMZ has mastered the production of tramway chassis sub-assemblies for Alstom


The Demikhovsky Engineering Plant (DMZ, part of Transmashholding) delivered the first batch of subassemblies for tramway chassis of the Citadis model Х05 to the Barcelona branch of the French engineering company Alstom.

The contract for the delivery of subassemblies was signed in December 2019. Within the framework of the contract, DMZ is to deliver five lots of tram chassis subassemblies in the course of 2020. The subassemblies manufactured by DMZ will be used by Alstom in the manufacture of trams for Athens (Greece).

Each batch of sub-assemblies comprises 12 positions composing the Citadis X05 trainset, i.e. the main platform, the central and end sleepers, boxes, and supports. Generally speaking, a sub-assembly is made up of 27 elements. The DMZ personnel in charge of their manufacture have been trained according to the conformity standards adopted by Alstom.

In September 2019, DMZ welding production obtained a certificate of conformity to the European Union standards EN 15085 “Rail transport. Welding of means of rail transport and components”. Obtaining this document enabled TMH’s company to conclude this contract with Alstom.

Alstom representatives had carried out the technical audit at each stage of the work and personally checked the quality of all the welding elements. Before delivering the sub-assemblies to the customer, the company carried out what is known as the “first article inspection”/”premier article inspection” (FAI), which is the imperative condition for verifying that the manufacturing process is capable of mass-producing parts according to specifications, in accordance with the customer’s request.

In order to carry out this order on the company’s territory, a new production site was created with all the necessary equipment for the assembly and welding of the train set components. The parts are made of low carbon steel (mild steel).

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