Innovative metro trains will appear in the St. Petersburg metro in 2022.


Transmashholding has developed an innovative “Smart” train for the Saint Petersburg metro. They should start running on the red line in early 2022.
It should be noted that it is currently the most technologically advanced train in Russia. The “Smart” trains have a video broadcasting window on the transparent glass, a lighting system that adapts to the time of day, a driver health monitoring system, a driverless mode and a noise reduction system. In addition, the trains will be more spacious and more accessible than those currently operating in the St. Petersburg metro.

Driver training will begin this year. The St. Petersburg metro plans to acquire 96 new trains.

Maxim Sokolov, the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg :
The innovative “Smart” trainset has been developed for the St. Petersburg Metropolitan Railway. At the beginning of 2022 these trains will start to run on the red line of the metro.

This model was designed by Transmashholding development engineers. It is the most technological train in the country. These new trains have an “intelligent” window that broadcasts videos on the transparent glass. Inside – USB sockets, Wi-Fi routers and screens of three types: interactive maps of the metro, digital panels with text scrolling over the doors and screens for broadcasting entertainment and information programs. In addition, we plan to use new ventilation and lighting systems that vary throughout the day. In the morning the lighting will be cold, in the evening – warm.

Special seats have been provided for passengers with reduced mobility and for young parents with strollers. The trains have become more spacious, the doors – wider. The city is looking at two possible versions: doors with a width of 140 cm or 160 cm, which is in any case much wider than in the trains currently in operation. This will speed up the entry and exit of passengers, reduce station stopping time and increase the traffic capacity of the metro in general.

Transmashholding has also taken into account the wishes of the drivers. The cabin is equipped with modern train control systems, a microclimate system and an ergonomic control panel. The main elements have been left in their usual places. Other important innovations include an assistance system that will monitor the driver’s health, as well as a noise reduction system. TMH has also provided for the technical possibility of switching the new trainset into unmanned mode. Driver training will begin this year.

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