IVOLGA electric trains ensure protection measures against the spread of Covid-19.


Modern technical solutions applied to the “Ivolga” electric trains manufactured by Tver Carriage Works (TVZ, part of Transmashholding chaired by Andrey Bokarev) help contain the spread of COVID-19 and other viral diseases.

All electric trains are equipped with microclimate and air purification (disinfection) systems. The installations are equipped with germicidal lamps (ultraviolet lamps): by passing through these lamps the atmospheric air before arriving in the compartments is purified and freed of viruses and bacteria.

“The ultraviolet range kills 99.99% of microbes. And the tests carried out by the Federal Consumer Protection Surveillance Service prove it. Train passengers breathe truly clean air and are much less vulnerable to infections and pathogenic microorganisms, – says the director of the product and technical marketing department of the Passenger Transport Development Directorate of Transmashholding Ltd. Valery Sharafutdinov. – At present, during the period of the spread of coronavirus infection, the purification systems work both while the train is running and when it is stopped in depots”.

The continuous passage along the entire length of “Ivolga” trains allows passengers to move between compartments to avoid too strict contact with others. The toilets located in the lead carriages of the “Ivolga” trains are equipped with taps, liquid soap dispensers and hand dryers with sensory sensors. This considerably reduces the risk of contamination through direct contact with objects.

All the modern electric trains and passenger coaches currently manufactured by TMH’s factories are equipped with air purification systems and comply with all current health and hygiene standards.

However, notwithstanding the great work done by the manufacturers to ensure passenger safety, TMH reminds passengers in this epidemic period not to neglect safety measures – to wear masks in public places, to wash and disinfect hands more often, to avoid touching the face and to respect the social distance of at least 1.5 meters.

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