Kolomna Locomotive Works sent personal protective equipment to the city’s emergency rescue centre.


On June 3, representatives of the Kolomna Locomotive Works went to the emergency rescue centre in the city of Kolomna (Moscow region), which is beginning to receive patients with coronavirus.

Ekaterina Byshkova, head of communications and external relations, said that the crisis unit of Kolomna Locomotive Works (Transmashholding Group), which was set up after the start of the pandemic, decided to help the emergency rescue centre. This decision was supported by TMH.  “The Kolomna Locomotive Works is a socially responsible company, we all live in the same city and we understand that the Covid-19 epidemic is a problem that concerns us all. The emergency rescue teams are helping all the residents of Kolomna and also the employees at our plant. That is why the management of our company and of the entire TMH holding company has approved the proposal to help the doctors and nurses and provide them with personal protective equipment”.

The company’s representatives provided personal protective equipment and disinfectant products: 1,000 single-use and 2,000 reusable masks, 300 pairs of gloves, three cartons of antiseptic gels, 15 litres of hand antiseptic and 10 litres of surface disinfectant. This is only the first part of the aid that covers the immediate needs of the centre. Kolomna Locomotive Works intends to continue to provide assistance as long as necessary.

The management of the Kolomna City Emergency Relief Centre thanked the factory for its help.

Kolomna Locomotive Works manufactures diesel and electric locomotives as well as spare parts and diesel engines.

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