Metrowagonmash’s “Moskva” (Moscow) metro train, awarded one of the “100 best goods of Russia”.


The results of the “100 Best Goods of Russia” competition have just been announced. The jury particularly appreciated the Moskva metro train, manufactured by the Metrowagonmash JSC factory in Mytishchi, in the suburb of Moscow, and won the First Prize of the competition.

“This year, the Moscow Regional Commission on City Quality, formed according to the Federal Institution “Rotest-Moscow”, received applications from 23 companies of the region, which presented 35 types of goods for its all-Russian program “100 Best Goods of Russia”.

The specialists conducted an in-depth examination of the products’ samples, and of the documentation file. Out of the 14 companies selected for the federal presentation, 8 received an award. Among them, Metrowagonmash AG and models 81-765.4, 81-766.4, 81-767.4 of its metro trains.

These subway trains, called “Moskva”, also received the honorific title “The Golden Hundred” and the status of “Novelty”.

The Metrowagonmash public limited company supplied about 1198 railcars to the Moscow Metro in 2017. This year, 392 trainsets of model 81-765.4/766.4/767.4 were produced and delivered by the company. Trainsets similar to “Moskva 2019” are also supplied to the metros of Baku (Azerbaijan) and Tashkent. ( Uzbekistan).

Metrowagonmash is owned by Transmashholding, Russia’s main railway equipment supplier, chaired by Andrey Bokarev.

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