The “Dontchak” work beyond the Arctic Circle


Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ) has delivered a three-section DC electric freight locomotive, model 3ES4K “Dontchak” No. 75, to the Volkhovstroy depot of the Oktyabrskaya railway line. In total, the Volkhovstroy depot has already received 65 model 3ES4K locomotives and will receive five more by the end of the year.

The Novotcherkassk electric locomotive plant, established in 1936, is based in the Russian city of the same name in the Rostov-on-Don region. The increase of the locomotive fleet at the Volkhovstroy depot by 3ES4K electric locomotives has made it possible to increase the weight of the trains up to 6000 tons and to reduce wagon turnaround time and rolling stock maintenance costs. For the maintenance of new locomotives, the depot has modified the whole repair technology.

The Oktyabrskaya railway connects the cities of Murmansk and Moscow (over 2000 km), of which over 900 km are beyond the Arctic Circle. In the transport system of the North-Western Russian region, this railway accounts for 75% of freight and 40% of passenger traffic. The “Dontchak” of

Novotcherkassk heavy-duty locomotives have proven themselves as reliable electric locomotives with improved traction and performance characteristics, replacing the obsolete and less powerful VL10 and VL15 electric locomotives. 

The 3ES4K electric locomotives contribute to the implementation of the Heavy Railroads of Russia Heavy Traffic Development Program. According to Igor Sorokin, Deputy Governor – Minister of Industry and Energy of the Rostov region, the Novotcherkassk plant is putting a new model of electric locomotive into production every year. In addition, the company implements large import substitution projects for the production of generators and engines.

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