TMH delivered 15 4ES5K electric locomotives to Russian Railways (RJD) in 2020


The Novotcherkassk electric locomotive factory (NEVZ, which is part of Transmashholding) has implemented the production plan for the 4ES5K Ermak electric freight locomotives for the year 2020; 15 of these locomotives were manufactured to order by Russian Railways (RJD).

The last two electric locomotives of this series have been shipped to their place of service – to the Smolyaninovo depot of the Far Eastern Traction Directorate.

The 4ES5K model locomotives are among the most powerful in the world. These machines are successfully used in the complex configuration conditions of the Eastern Polygon of Russian Railways, which is characterized by neck sections with steep ascents and gradients of up to 30% and sections with sharp bends of up to 200 m.

The 4ES5K electric locomotive has an axle traction control function, which enables the traction load to be optimally distributed between the axles and the maximum traction coefficient of the electric locomotive to be achieved, i.e. to increase the weight of the transported goods. The microprocessor control system has advanced equipment diagnostic functions.

The locomotives of the Ermak family are produced in different models, with a power range from 6560 to 13,120 kW. It is the largest series of modern electric locomotives in Russia.

 The first mass-produced electric locomotives were produced in 2006, and today 1687 Ermak locomotives transport goods all over Russia. In 2021 NEVZ plans to continue deliveries of 4ES5K electric locomotives to Russian Railways.

TMH is the only locomotive designer and manufacturer in Russia that produces electric and diesel locomotives of all classes, uses and current types.

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