TMH sent four metro trains to the Baku Metropolitan Railway (Azerbaijan)


The Metrowagonmash plant (MWM, part of TMH) has just sent four metro trains to the “Baku Metropolitain” Ltd. (Azerbaijan).

The contract for the manufacture of 60 metro cars of the 81-765.4B/766.4B series, i.e. a total of 12 metro trainsets of five cars each, was signed in October 2019. The duration of this contract is from 2020 to 2023.

In the front cars of these new trains, there are places for people with reduced mobility as well as special places for strollers and bicycles. The train’s configuration allows for the continuous passage from one car to another, which is particularly important during the Covid-19 pandemic period. The continuous passage allows for free movement between the cars, thus maintaining a safe distance between passengers.

These trainsets also have widened doors, which speeds up the exit and entry of passengers into and out of the cars; they are also equipped with a new illuminated signaling system that indicates when the doors are open and closed. Especially for the Baku metro Metrowagonmash has designed a color scheme and modified the shape of the headlights; moreover, these trains have an information system adapted to local conditions. The 81-765.4B/766.4B series cars have better soundproofing and thermal insulation; air conditioning and ventilation systems with disinfection of the ambient air. This automatic air disinfection system using UV lamps provides additional protection against the spread of viruses and bacterial infections, including COVID-19. Inside the wagons, Metrowagonmash has installed LED lighting that varies the intensity depending on the time of day – a cold light that invigorates in the morning and warm light that is more relaxing in the evening. In addition, the trains are equipped with USB sockets for charging mobile phones or other electronic devices. The seat upholstery is made of highly damage-resistant fabric.

Metrowagonmash has been manufacturing metro trains for the capital of Azerbaijan since 1967. Today, more than 300 MWM trainsets run in the Baku metro. In 2018-2019 the plant has already delivered to Baku 8 five-car trainsets of the series 81-765.B/766.B. Passengers and drivers appreciate them for their comfort and modernity.

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