TMH to Expand its Diesel Engine Production


TMH Penza Plant is close to completion of its “Expanding Production of Diesel Engines” investment program that started back in 2018.

The total amount of investment amounted to 1.5 billion rubles. Part of it was provided by the Industry Development Fund (VEB.RF Group) as a 146.6 million rubles loan under its “Leasing Projects” program.

The “Expanding Production of Diesel Engines” investment program involved procuring new equipment and remodeling shop areas.

A total of 7 high-performance machining centers were set up for production of key engine components. These included a programmable turning workstation in the Diesel Production Shop and two CNC workstations, two turning and milling workstations, and two milling workstations HEC 800 for the Machining and Plating Shop.

Remodeling the Assembly Shop allowed to launch a new assembly line into operation. Utilizing lean production increased the quality and quantity of the output while minimizing losses and labor intensity. At the same time, the new equipment enabled a balanced input of parts and components. As a result, the Penza plant increased its diesel engine output by 62% compared to before the start of the investment program.

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