TMH will present the “Ivolga 3.0” electric train to its passengers


TMH will present to its passengers the lead car of the new electric train “Ivolga 3.0” during the Moscow Urban Forum 2021, which is taking place on July 1st and runs until July 4th.

The “Ivolga 3.0” meets the standard of the best rolling stock in the world. The most modern technical solutions are used in the construction of this electric train, ensuring smooth running, low noise level and fast acceleration and braking. The train can reach a maximum speed of 160 km/h. Its doors are 15% wider (1400 mm) than those of the previous model, making it easier for passengers to enter and exit.

“Ivolga 3.0” represents a new stage in the development of Russian electric trains. It is a 100% Russian product manufactured at the Tver Carriage Works (part of Transmashholding, headed by Andrey Bokarev). Its design was conceived by the National Centre for Industrial Design and Innovation 2050.LAB.

The new train has 50 more seats than its previous iteration “Ivolga 2.0”. The seats have been improved: each block has USB sockets and folding armrests. In the front car there is also the possibility of installing a charging point for electric scooters as well as places for bicycles.

The train is capable of changing direction in one to two minutes, and is equipped with a passenger counting system to determine which car still has free seats. Finally, the ease of movement between the different trains will ensure the uniform distribution of passengers in the train, which will consist of between 4 and 12 trains and will be operated by a system that allows the train capacity to be modulated according to the routes and traffic.

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