Transmashholding will manufacture seven electric trains, as part of the “Regional Express” project, by September.


Transmashholding’s Demikhovsky Engineering Plant (DMZ) in Demikhovo will produce seven EP2D model electric trains for the Regional Express (REX) project by September 2020 – Transmashholding’s press office announced.

“The Demikhovo Machine-Building Plant (DMZ, part of Transmashholding) will produce seven EP2D electric trains for the Regional Express project of the Central Suburban Passenger Company. The rolling stock delivery contract was signed at the end of June 2020. Within the framework of this contract, DMZ will manufacture between June and September 2020 seven EP2D DC trains of 11 cars each. The new comfortable trains will be adapted to the high platforms and should be operated on the express class routes of the Savyolovsky suburban railway line”, – adds the press office.

It is specified that the electric trains have a special style of the “REX: Regional Express” regional trains: they are painted blue and are distinguished by the image of the character symbolizing the brand – the REX dog.

The side windows of the power cars are equipped with signs displaying the terminal stations of the electric trains.

“The EP2D trainsets are equipped with highly reliable air conditioning and ambient air disinfection systems that will keep the train at comfortable air temperature and prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms, which is particularly important in the context of the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection. For people with reduced mobility in EP2D trains, an “obstacle-free environment” has been created. The leading carriages are equipped with folding ramps for wheelchair users, a system for securing wheelchairs inside the carriages, as well as environmentally friendly toilets, also adapted for people with reduced mobility”, – adds TMH’s press office.

The road signs inside the cars are lined in Braille.

“In total, the Demikhovo Machine-Building Plant, within the framework of the Central Suburban Passenger Company’s “REX” project, has already manufactured 19 EP4M and 8 EP2D electric trains. The first four EP2D trains manufactured under the latter contract have already been delivered at the end of July – beginning of August. In addition, DMZ has also manufactured for the Central Suburban Passenger Company 10 EP2D electric trains with 11 standard cars”, – recalls the press office.

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