Transmashholding will protect passengers against viruses.


Transmashholding, chaired by Andrey Bokarev, offers its customers new solutions that will provide additional biological safety for rail passengers – announces the company’s External Liaison and Corporate Communication department.

In the case of such an order, these novelties can be integrated in passenger carriages of mainline trains. For example, the producer is considering the possibility of installing in its passenger cars non-contact hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in the compartments and toilets; as well as devices for putting on single-use shoe covers; single-use personal curtains for sleeping berths.

TMH’s proposals also include the possibility of integrating powerful ultraviolet compartment processing systems. They can be switched on when the train is stationary at the depot and in the toilets between each use even during train movement. TMH also proposes to consider the possibility of installing air ozonization systems in the passenger cars of its trains that will eliminate most bacteria and viruses without damaging the compartments. Another solution to reduce the risk of human-to-human transmission of infection through contact proposed by Transmashholding, are single-use or reusable personal guards. They could be sold in vending machines on platforms and in cars.

TMH is ready to integrate all these new features if requested by the railway companies. But already today, the company equips all its trains with air disinfection systems with ultraviolet lamps similar to those used in hospitals. They kill all microbes and viruses, and tests carried out by the Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection Monitoring Service prove it.

“I am absolutely certain that all biosafety systems in passenger carriages of all types of trains will be up to date and in the future. Even after the outbreak, the idea of traveling by train with many other people, some of whom may be ill, may cause concern for other passengers.  “says Mikhail Blinkin, Director of the Institute of Transport Economics and Transport Policy at the Graduate School of Economics.

As noted by the President of the All-Russian Passenger Union, Ilya Zotov, Transmashholding is in permanent dialogue with its biggest customers regarding the improvement of its products, the improvement of performance and comfort, and the safety of passengers, including in the field of infection control in public transport.

For example, at present and due to the epidemiological situation, Russian Railways is carrying out a whole series of measures to protect the health of its passengers and employees. All cars are disinfected before departure and en route at least four times a day. Controllers take the temperature of all passengers at least twice a day.  All objects such as door handles, grab bars, railings and armrests are disinfected at least every two hours. Thus the new solutions proposed by TMH could make life easier for both Russian Railways employees and passengers.

Today the company continues to develop new generation passenger cars: in February 2019 TMH signed a contract for the delivery of 3730 passenger cars and locomotives for the Federal Passenger Company. We should see the new trains on the tracks in the next few years. These are single and double-deck cars of different types. They will all meet modern standards of comfort, reliability, and biosafety for passengers.

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