TVZ sends the first batch of passenger cars to Egypt


Tver Carriage Works (TVZ, part of Transmashholding Ltd) has sent the first batch of cars to Egypt. – reports the company’s press release.

30 3rd class cars equipped with seating and dynamic ventilation (model 61-4514) have left for Egypt. The rolling stock has been designed according to the customer’s technical specifications specifically for the Egyptian national railways.

From Tver, the cars are being transported from the port of St. Petersburg where they have been loaded onto a ship and sent to Alexandria. The delivery of the rolling stock to the port of destination will take almost a month.

Tver Carriage Works General Manager Andrey Solovey emphasized the importance of this experience. “For the first time in the history of our plant, but also of the entire domestic railcar construction industry, we are carrying out such a large-scale contract for the manufacture and delivery of passenger equipment for 1435 mm track to a foreign country,” – he said, adding that TVZ specialists will monitor the commissioning of the new rolling stock. “This project was made possible by the cooperation of three countries: Russia, Egypt, and Hungary. The delivered carriages meet all the safety requirements of public transport and offer all modern comfort. The operating life of the cars in continental or coastal climate conditions is 40 years” – adds Transmashholding’s Managing Director Kirill Lipa.

The agreement to finance the manufacture of rolling stock for Egypt to the tune of more than 1 billion euros came into force in April this year. The loans are granted by the import-export banks of Hungary and Russia.

The first passenger car manufactured by TVZ arrived in Alexandria in March. It is currently undergoing operational tests on the Egyptian railway network.

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